PCI hotplug + EEH issues

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Wed Sep 11 01:13:22 EST 2002

>> How close is the OF code between ppc32 and ppc64 ? would it make
>> some sense to clean up the internal representation of the device
>> tree (which is, at least on ppc32, still closely tied to what I
>> did with BootX) and move most of the OF interface code to some
>> common location we could share ?
>Yes please! We should be able to start moving large bits of the OF
>interface out to somewhere common. For example the ppc64 interrupt
>parsing code is still buggy (its your original version), whereas on
>ppc32 its fixed.

Ok, so most of prom.c whould be janitor'ed & shared, right ?

Where in the kernel tree can we put such common thing ?


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