PCI hotplug + EEH issues

Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Mon Sep 9 23:01:28 EST 2002


Ive almost finished a PCI hotplug driver that works on SMP and LPAR.
There is a bit more work to be done to support DLPAR (ie PCI-PCI bridges
appearing and disappearing), but the basics seem to work OK.

One thing that caused problems is the faking up of the device tree node
for function 0 of a PCI-PCI bridge when its not in our partition. I no
longer do that in my local tree, Ive also fixed things to not require
that fake device node.

Ive also been experimenting with reworking the EEH enable code. We
should walk all devices and enable EEH before we do the bus walk,
otherwise we touch the devices with EEH disabled.

One question I had was why we are using device nodes everywhere (like
pci config read/write)? With the recent changes in 2.5, it is harder
to get back to device node and with a few small changes I no longer
need to convert pci_dev to device node. (except for the few times at
boot when we need to fake config reads).

Speaking of which I had a look and the current LPAR behaviour (function
0 not implemented) is in violation of the PCI spec.


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