PCI endianess

Anil K Prasad aprasad at in.ibm.com
Wed Sep 4 18:00:14 EST 2002

>Do you mean this happens without conversion (e.g. read/write{bwl]) ?
>Then it is exactly what I need.
>If I do on my big endian machine:
> unsigned short val = 0x1234;
> x->command = val;
you must do something like this:

out_le16(x->command, val); for 16 bit data
and out_le32 for 32 bit data.

Using these out_le16/32 will ensure portability across different endian

>Is 0x1234 stored as little endian on the cards ram ?

>You wrote that addresses 2 and 3 are not used because of padding, but
>I didn't notice this before. My structure needs to be __packed__ which
>does work without telling this the compiler. Or will GCC on PPC64 do it
>different ?

I am not sure abt this.


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