64bit LTP

Steve Munroe sjmunroe at us.ibm.com
Wed Oct 9 23:07:37 EST 2002

I have not, but Peter may have.

If Peter has not addressed this in the SLES 8 work, then I'll add it to the

Just to verify, this is glibc-2.3 with my patches from
ftp://ftp.linuxppc64.org/pub/people/sjmunroe/ and kernel-2.5.+ with Peter's
LTP fixes frpm SLES 8?

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Has anyone investigated the readdir01 LTP failure? It seems like we
arent resetting errno.

fcntl64 fails with -ENOSYS, we then do a number of readdir()s. Finally
readdir returns NULL, we check the errno and its still -ENOSYS.

Any ideas Steve?


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