Is it possible to run Linux on a 7028-6E1 ?

Jan Smith jan at
Thu Nov 14 08:56:19 EST 2002

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 22:02, dist-lists at wrote:
> Has anyone had success in installing Linux on a RS6k 6E1 - pSeries 610 ?

Yes I've installed both Redhat Linux v7.1 and YellowDog v2.1 and 2.2 on a 2CPU
pSeries 610 with 512Mb RAM. There is no problem with the main board but maybe
will there problems with a lot of expansion cards. I've heard one or two weeks
ago that IBM has started to support many of the PCI cards that weren't supported
earlier. Many of the graphics card is OK but I had problem with a SCSI-RAID
controller that I needed for a customer. We had to change our minds so that
machine are using software RAID instead of hardware RAID today.

Try it on it's not that hard to install Linux on most of the pSeries 6xx. I've
nowadays tried model 610 and 640 with success on both.

   /Jan Smith

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