kernel cross-compile

Peter Bergner bergner at
Sat Jun 22 02:14:30 EST 2002

Igor Muratov wrote:
: Sorry, Peter, But this is not enought.
: After "make mrproper && make oldconfig && make dep && make zImage" I have:

Ahh, you didn't tell me you wer building zImage!  For building zImage
for PPC64 on a non PPC32/PPC64 machine, you need not only a set of
cross tools for powerpc64-linux, but one for powerpc-linux as well,
since the PPC64 zImage is actually a powerpc-linux (ie, ELF32) binary.

If you're building on a PPC32 or PPC64, amek sure the "gcc" you're
using to compile the arch/ppc64/boot/* files is the powerpc-linux one.

Yeah Hollis, I know you told me to add this to the toolchain.shtml
directions.  I'll get to it soon! :)


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