[Linuxppc-dev] OF locations

Hollis Blanchard hollis-lists at austin.rr.com
Thu Jun 13 10:28:35 EST 2002

on 12/6/02 12:44 PM, Peter Bergner at bergner at brule.borg.umn.edu wrote:
> : I guess all we really need to know is where OF starts and finishes
> : since everything else is ours for the taking (I hope).
> I think we need to know a little more than that.  We need to know
> what memory has been claimed.  This includes OF, but on some of the
> Condor boxes, we've seen other areas at or around 20M that were also
> being claimed.  I'm not sure exactly what they were/are used for, but
> I'm guessing OF was using it for something.  We don't' want to stomp
> on that either.

All pSeries OF starts at 12MB. The older stuff is only 8MB large (so ends at
20MB), but newer/bigger OF can be 16MB large (ending at 28MB). In one spot
the kernel tries to claim at 20MB and then increments upwards 1MB at a
time... it should really increment by 8MB and save some effort. :)

Also, on Condor NVRAM (or some copy of it) is stored at 32MB, but I think
it's only 1MB large (at least currently). So a 5MB claim will fail even at


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