Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Tue Jul 23 06:24:45 EST 2002

> How do you plan on removing RELOC()?  IIRC, Alan mentioned we cannot
> play the same trick ppc32 did to get rid of the RELOC()'s.  Did you
> have something else in mind?  Perhaps pushing the OF calls into the
> zImage wrapper?

At this stage I am just copying the kernel to its final location and
relying on the architecture to drop the upper two bits on addresses when
in real mode. I store the exception vectors in an init section and copy
them in when I am finished with OF.

I agree putting them into a zImage wrapper is the way to go in the
future, but I cant see myself having the time in the next few months
before the code freeze. Do any of you guys look like you will have the
time? This interim step at least cleans up prom.c a whole lot.


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