real mode limit

Peter Bergner bergner at
Tue Jul 23 05:47:18 EST 2002

Anton wrote:
: Peter checked a fix in to move the RTAS region to just under 4GB. In 2.5
: I am currently allocating it where the kernel was. (ie about 20MB)
: My question is how does this all fit in with a 256MB real mode limit
: (which we need to go to for hot swap memory). Is there any reason for
: allocating the region so high in the 4G space?

It doesn't.  Do do it "right", we need to detect how big the RMO region
is and allocate it within min(RMO size, partition size, 4G).

Anyone know how to get the RMO size? It'd be nice if it were a OF variable...


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