binary compatibility question

benh at benh at
Tue Feb 12 23:36:49 EST 2002

>John> Will a 32-bit linuxppc application will run on a linuxppc64 system
>John> without recompilation?
>	It should, as long as the 32-bit application does not make any
>assumptions which are not defined by the architecture, such as the size of
>cache blocks, e.g., dcbz.

That wouldn't be a problem if applications/glibc used the AUX entries
provided by the kernel as those tell about the cache line size, the
CPU features, etc... (well, they do on the 32 bits kernel, I suppose
this was ported over to ppc64 but didn't check).

Unfortunately, AFAIK, no userland still make use of those informations.


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