undefined references in ppc64 libc.so

John Kwan jkwan at mvista.com
Fri Dec 13 11:57:33 EST 2002


     Thanks to Steve Munroe's response to my last mail
I was able to move  much further ahead. I have to apply
a patch to glibc-2.3 to fix a cross development problem
though. With this patch I was able to overcome the "header
too old" problem, continue and actuall built the library libc.so.
However, linking this library to a application immediately
resulted in a number "undefined references to .XXX" where
.XXX is a code symbol like .strtok, .strlen etc. It seems that
the  .XXX symbols are not being by the ppc64 linker (ld).
The following command shows the problem:

      objdump  -T libc.so  |  grep strlen
gives the following output line:
      D  .opd  00000000000000e0  GLIBC_2.3   strlen

However the following command
       objdump -t libc.so  | grep strlen
gives 2 output lines:

      F .text 0000000000000000              .strlen
         .opd 00000000000000e0              strlen

It seems that symbols in the .opd segment are exported but those
in .text segment are not.

I thought this problem was fixed by binutils-2.12.1-ppc64.patch
which I applied.

Is this a different bug? Or did I miss another patch.



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