building toolchain for ppc64

John Kwan jkwan at
Wed Dec 11 05:46:41 EST 2002


     I sent out a mail to this list but I did not receive it.  I
don't know if it was sent out so I am sending it out again.
Sorry about that.
      As I said I am new to this list and if this is not the right
question to ask here just tell me and I will go away.
      I am trying to build a Gnu cross development toolchain
for the ppc64 target (binutils, gcc, glibc etc) with a Redhat
Linux as a host. I went to the web (
and downloaded the linux-2.4.19 kernel and 2 patches
(linux-2.4.19-2 and linux-2.4.19-3). I applied the patches and
build the kernel headers from it. I  also downloaded gcc-3.2.1
and glibc2.3.  I was able to build  binutils-2.12.1 (with a patch)
and bootstrap gcc-3.2.1 but ran into a configuration problem
when trying to build the cross glibc. The configuration tell me
that for powerpc64, glibc requires the 2.4.19 kernel headers to
build. The error message seems to come from
glibc-2.3/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/configure. In glibc-2.3, this
file has an entry that establish the minimum kernel requirement
to be 2.4.19 for powerpc/powerpc64. It seems that it checks some
LINUX_KERNEL_VERSION and issues an error if it determines
that the kernel headers are not version 2.4.19.  I believe I built the
headers from a 2.4.19 kernel and am at a loss as why this error comes
out. Looks like "configure" is looking for something to identify that
is 2.4.19 headers but did not find it. Did I miss to add some patches ?
or is it something else. Any help and ideas you can provide is


John Kwan
Montavista Software

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