how to make 64bit cross compiler work

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64bit glibc is still not ready for ppc64 linux. You can only run 32 bit
applications, though all kernel modules and kernel is running 64 bit.

gcc64 installed on your system is for compiling kernel code and kernel


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I am using a 43p150 machine (32bit machine, uname -m == ppc), and I am
trying to build a gcc compiler that can produce 64bit application.

I follow the instruction on
and used binutils-2.12.1-ppc64.diff to build the binutils and
gcc-20020730-ppc64.diff.gz to build the gcc compiler.  Binutils and gcc
built and installed successfully.  However, everytime I tried to run
this compiler (powerpc64-linux-gcc), no matter what I tried to compile,
it gave me /lib/ error all the time. ("/lib/ could
not read symbols: Invalid operation").

What do I need to make this compiler work on my ppc machine (not
ppc64)?  Or this compiler can only run in a 64bit environment (64bit
kernel? or 64bit glibc?)?  I am confused on what I have just built, and
how to use it.  Please give me some advice.  Thank you very much.

Here is how I invoke the gcc:
/build/usr/local/bin/powerpc64-linux-gcc -v -I/usr/include -B/usr/lib
-L/usr/lib v.c

The error that I got is:
/lib/ could not read symbols: Invalid operation
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

The source file of v.c:
int main () { return 0; }

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