Merge linuxppc-embedded with linuxppc-dev

Koss, Mike (Mission Systems) mike.koss at
Wed Sep 24 00:55:54 EST 2008

>>>> Can we eliminate the linuxppc-embedded mailing list and merge it 
>>>> with linuxppc-dev?
>>> That's not really up to me - more of a community question I think. I

>>> imagine Paul would have the final decision though.
>> I'm pretty sure I saw paul gripe about this on irc just the other
>> My vote is to kill linuxppc-embedded.
> I also think one list will suffice nowadays.
>    Wolfram

I liked not having to deal w/ all of the desktop/Cell traffic, but I
have to be signed up for both lists to watch all of it anyways since
some embedded never made it to the -embedded list. 

So my vote is "Yes" as well.

<goodbye embedded ::sniff::>

- Mike

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