C67x00 USB problems

David H. Lynch Jr. dhlii at dlasys.net
Sun Sep 21 16:05:43 EST 2008

    Good news - works.
    Bad news - sort of.

    I am using the C67x00_HCD driver from 2.6.24 mainline.
    If I kill off installing the interrupt handler and just poll it.
    I can get the first port working - fairly slowly.

    If I enable the interrupt handler I get lots of messages from the
Kernel about unhandled IRQ's and then the Kernel disables
    the IRQ. Although sometimes I just get a kernel panic when loading
the driver.

    The only way out of the irq handler without handling the IRQ is

     // printk(KERN_ERR "c67x00_irq()00\n");
    int_status = c67x00_ll_hpi_status(c67x00);
    if (!int_status)
        return IRQ_NONE;

    But if that is failing then why are things working when polled ?

    Clues would be greatly appreciated ?

    Is there any interest in a patch to support polling the USB driver ?


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