Network driver on ppc 405EX

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The device is enabled via pci_enable_device. pci_request_region also succeeds.
pci_resource_start(pdev, 0) is what is returning zero.

The same driver works on boards with different ppc processor (440SPe).


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Have you already enabled the device? You can enable it with
pci_enable_device. Then you can call the pci_request_region and then the
ioremap. In addition, you can check the pci configuration with the
command lspci. You can found an example on Linux Device Drivers.


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> Hi, 
>   Hope this is the correct list for driver related queries for ppc boards
> I was porting a network driver for a ppc 405EX based embedded system (kilauea config).
> The module builds fine and loads and I see the probe routine get called correctly.
> However when I try remapping the BAR0 address from the PCI config space, the ioremap fails.
> A little debugging showed that the address passed to ioremap was zero.
> I pass the address to the ioremap via pci_resource_start(pdev, 0) where pdev is a type struct pci_dev *.
> I dumped the contents of the pdev and saw that the vendor-id, device id etc were correct, however the BAR0 address seemed to be all zeroes.
> The question that I had was
> 1. Is there any kernel config that needs to be done for PCI devices to be able to remap the BAR0 addresses.
> 2. Any other kernel parameter that needs to be tweaked?
> Thanks,
> Abg
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