gdbserver not working with pthreads

Sugathan, Rupesh rs at
Fri Sep 19 02:37:45 EST 2008

> When debugging with gdbserver/gdb the debugger loses control 
> of the threads. I did set the sysroot variable right, and I 
> don't get the ld not found error message.
>  Basically, I cannot step into pthread_create, without losing 
> control, with the software not running and gdb going timeout. 
> Sometimes the gdbserver shell prints out "ptrace(): pid not 
> found", or I get E01 reply on the gdb-cross. Putting 
> breakpoints into threads works sometimes.
> My ultimate goal would be to make it work with Eclipse, but 
> it's a long way from having it working with such a system.

Try to change the way GDB handle some of the signals, I don't recall
which signal in this respect though. You can do this using the 'handle'

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