confusions of boot sequence in MPC8572?

Michael.Kang blackfin.kang at
Thu Sep 18 23:49:34 EST 2008

I am reading the boot code in arch/powerpc/kernel/head_fsl_booke.S for
MPC8572( dual e500 core). The second core will encounter the following

 319 #ifdef CONFIG_SMP
 320         /* Check to see if we're the second processor, and jump
 321          * to the secondary_start code if so
 322          */
 323         mfspr   r24,SPRN_PIR
 324         cmpwi   r24,0
 325         bne     __secondary_start
 326 #endif

And jump to __secondary_start -> call_setup_cpu,  source code in
call_setup_cpu as the following:
112 _GLOBAL(call_setup_cpu)
113         addis   r4,r3,cur_cpu_spec at ha
114         addi    r4,r4,cur_cpu_spec at l
115         lwz     r4,0(r4)
116         add     r4,r4,r3
117         lwz     r5,CPU_SPEC_SETUP(r4)
118         cmpwi   0,r5,0
119         add     r5,r5,r3
120         beqlr
121         mtctr   r5
122         bctr

here it seems cur_cpu_spec here is not a valid value since
cur_cpu_spec will only be set in identify_cpu() [
arch/powerpc/kernel/cputable.c: 1301] later.

So what is my mistake? Who responsible for initialize cur_cpu_spec
variable for second core??



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