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Wed Sep 10 04:11:06 EST 2008

Hi Georg,

Our git tree, git://, has support for the ML405 board
which is a V4 board. The following wiki page,,
shows how to generate a device tree for the kernel and other details
you'll need.

The kernel from our git tree is configured for the device tree using the
default kernel configuration.

The mainline kernel is now more up to date also as we got many of the
changes into the mainline, but we are still working on some of the
device drivers.


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> Hi,
> im searching for informations about the flatten device trees. the only
> thing i know is, that the device tree is a kind of data-structure
> the bios or bootloader gives to the operation system.
> until now, i boot linux with uboot without a device tree, but newer
> kernel wants a devicetree, i think ??
> i use a virtex4 board with an integrated powerpc
> how can i create the device tree file ?
> how must the linux kernel be configured ?
> is there a good internet page with informations ?
> thanks
> regards
> georg
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