How to make a simpleImage equivalent in 2.6.24?

Martin Kuhnert marwisbo at
Tue Sep 9 21:46:42 EST 2008


while developing for a Virtex platform I'm used to do

  make simpleImage.virtex405-<myboard>

on recent kernels to get a bootwrapped kernel including the dtb as described

How to compile a 2.6.24.x kernel to get an equivalent elf file which runs
out of the ram and includes the kernel, the bootwrapper _AND_ the dtb?

As I studied the Makefile in arch/powerpc/boot it looks like

  make zImage.<myboard>

should work. I tried it this in many ways but Make doesn't find the target.

Currently, I'm using "make zImage" and arch/powerpc/boot/wrapper
for this purpose:

  "arch/powerpc/boot/wrapper -o zImage.virtex -p of " \
  "-s arch/powerpc/boot/dts/virtex405-<myboard>.dts " \
  "-C ppc405-402- vmlinux"

Thanks for suggestions!


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