EDK10.1 and emaclite

Georg Schardt schardt at team-ctech.de
Tue Sep 9 18:36:08 EST 2008

Hi Neeraj Garg,
> First look at ethernet interface RJ45 connector that power is coming, 
> LED should blink.
Yes, LEDs are blinking, an if a cable is connected the link leds are on. 
while pinging from the host pc the traffic led in front of the jack is 
blinking also
> 1) check whether IRQ is right, its zero in your case. If it is right 
> then issue ping and read interrupts arriving on your ethernet 
> interface (cat /proc/interrupts), If number of interrupts are 
> increasing then its sure that your PHY is ok , the problem is with 
> mode selection (10 MBPS, or 100 MBPS) if that is the issue let me know 
> , I'll tell you where to make changes in driver files.
no interrupts on eth0:
  0:          0  Xilinx Interrupt Controller Edge      eth0
  1:        889  Xilinx Interrupt Controller Level     serial

> 2) If nothing of the above works then there is problem with PHY 
> address detection. You have to look in hardware specification (your 
> hardware board ) to find out PHY address.
Yes, i will try this. i use this board with the edk 8.2 a year ago. with 
this edk version the emaclite was working fine. but in this project 
there was an ip core "Hard Temac" this is missing now. i think i have an 
error in my edk project.

> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Neeraj Garg
> Georg Schardt wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> mmh, there is no kernel message with PHY detection, but all PHY 
>> drivers are compiled in.
>> i looked at my xps project and there is only one ip-core 
>> "Ethernet_MAC" with type "xps_ethernetlite".
>> is it possible that the phy connection is missing ? i use the base 
>> system builder with the board support files supported from avnet.
>> where can i look for the ethernet speed ? the ethernetlite ip has no 
>> speed options
>> thanks for your help
>> georg
>> Neeraj Garg wrote:
>>> Hi Georg,
>>> Can you post linux bootup message where its says PHY is detected at 
>>> paticular address, and check with your hardware what is actual 
>>> address of PHY. Also I would like to know the configuration of your 
>>> hardware whether its configured of 10MBPS OR 100MBPS.
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>>> Neeraj Garg
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>>> Subject: EDK10.1 and emaclite
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>>> Hi all,
>>> im trying to use the emaclite core which comes with the EDK10.1 with 
>>> the 2.6.26 kernel from git.xilinx.com on virtex4fx12 minimodul. the 
>>> emac is detect by the kernel:
>>> xilinx_emaclite xilinx_emaclite.0: MAC address is now  2: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0
>>> xilinx_emaclite xilinx_emaclite.0: using fifo mode.
>>> xilinx_emaclite xilinx_emaclite.0: Xilinx EMACLite at 0x81000000 
>>> mapped to 0xC5060000, irq=0
>>> i can change the mac-address with ifconfig and i can give an 
>>> ip-address to the device,
>>> but a ping is not possible and arp is not working. i think that the 
>>> phy is not working right.
>>> has someone others the same problem ? what can i changed ? i have 
>>> tried out all possible phy driver in the linux  kernel
>>> a setup with the lltemac is working fine, but i want to use the 
>>> emaclite
>>> thanks
>>> regards
>>> georg

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