direct access to Flash from userland

Dave Littell littelld at
Sat Sep 6 13:32:50 EST 2008

Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Thursday 04 September 2008, Fillod Stephane wrote:
>>> Is there a way for a userland application to issue non-CFI commands
>>> directly to a Flash device?  (This is a 2.6.18-based kernel on a AMCC
>>> PPC440EPx platform.)
>> I don't know whether there's specific ioctl for such purpose.
>> Have you tried to read the mtd source? You may also hack the mtd
>> layer to add your command. Definitely a question for 
> There is no ioctl command for sending arbitrary requests to the
> flash, but it sounds like something that should be implemented
> in the kernel, in mtdchar, depending on what the command does.
> What are you actually trying to do with those commands?

Hi Arnd,

There are some sector protection options and a user-writable
one-time-programmable section that's larger than the presently
implemented 8-byte area that I need to support.


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