Boot 2.6.26 (or similar) on mpc5200 using powerpc

Detlev Zundel dzu at
Thu Sep 4 22:05:44 EST 2008

Hi Angelo,

> Does anyone boots on mpc5200 board, the linux kernel 2.6.26 (or .24 .25) using
> ARCH=powerpc?

Sure, many people do this successfully.

> Looking on web i known that it's very different from ppc mode and the right
> procedure to follow is:
> 1 - make lite5200b_defconfig ARCH=powerpc CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc-linux-gnu-

Note that this changes to "make 52xx/lite5200b_defconfig ..." in recent kernels.

> 2 - make cuImage.lite5200b ARCH=powerpc CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc-linux-gnu-

Well, this is debatable.  Here you explicitely request a backward
compatability wrapped uImage (for firmwares being FDT ignorant):

> The output of second command is:
> ...
>   CHK     include/linux/version.h
>   CHK     include/linux/utsrelease.h
>   CALL    scripts/
>   CHK     include/linux/compile.h
>   CALL    arch/powerpc/kernel/
>   CALL    arch/powerpc/kernel/
> arch/powerpc/boot/dtc -O dtb -o arch/powerpc/boot/lite5200b.dtb -b 0  /home/
> asimmini/Scrivania/linux-
> DTC: dts->dtb  on file "/home/asimmini/Scrivania/linux-
> boot/dts/lite5200b.dts"
>   WRAP    arch/powerpc/boot/cuImage.lite5200b

    ^----  Here the wrapper gets added.

> Image Name:   Linux-
> Created:      Wed Sep  3 15:56:16 2008
> Image Type:   PowerPC Linux Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
> Data Size:    1597696 Bytes = 1560.25 kB = 1.52 MB
> Load Address: 0x00400000
> Entry Point:  0x00400550
> rm arch/powerpc/boot/lite5200b.dtb
> But, at this point, if i crosscompile in ppc mode i had to modify the Load
> Address wiht the mkimage tool because the SDRAM at the Bootloader time starts
> from 0xF8000000, while the uImage has a Load Address and Entry Point at
> 0x00000000.

Well still in newer kernels, uImage has load and entry address 0.  Its
only the cuImage.lite5200b (and I presume other wrapped kernels) that
have this load address.

> What should i do in powerpc mode??

I suggest that you use a recent U-Boot on your board which can
explicitely pass a .dtb to the kernel and use a plain uImage + flat
device tree blob.  I gather this is the best tested combination.  I
myself saw problems with the wrapped image that went away when passing
the device tree explicitely.

So in 2.6.26 I'd advise you to do a "make uImage" + "make lite5200b.dtb"
and use the results in a recent U-Boot.


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