MPC8313E RDB: Badness at fs/sysfs/dir.c:463

Joaquin Luna Joaquin.Luna at
Wed Oct 29 06:38:04 EST 2008

I am having the same problem with badness at fs/sysfs/dir.c on the
MPC8313ERDB.  More importantly my custom board based on this development
board will not boot past "loading device tree."  Are there any other
mismerges in this file?  If we fix the dts file how do we fix the
official dts file and when would that fix be put in place?

- Joaquin Luna

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Mike Dyer wrote:
> I believe the DMA is being added twice, because it occurs twice within
the mpc8313erdb.dts device tree.  Once by itself, and once within a
> Is that right / normal ?

No, that looks like a mismerge.  There should only be the node under 

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