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Hi Bruno,


I don't think you can do what you're trying to do, unless I'm
misunderstanding or just not smart enough.


The EDK from Xilinx ships with drivers that are not Linux drivers.
Those functions in main below are intended for a standalone (no RTOS)
system such they can't just be called from a user app in Linux.  You are
sort of trying to create a user mode driver with what you are doing.


There is a character mode gpio driver in the Xilinx git tree,
git:// that has been used previously.
I don't currently test that driver as we're in the process of getting a
flattened gpio driver that is not char driver ready for mainline.


I plan to take a look at the char mode gpio driver today as there's
another question regarding it on the list.







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Hi all,

I'm working with a Virtex2p. I have a running system using:

*	EDK 9.1
*	Crosstool-ng (svn)
*	linux-2.6-xlnx
*	BusyBox 1.12.1

Now, i'm trying to build a small program that turn off leds. I guess it
should be something like this:

void main (void){
    XGpio led;    
    XGpio_Initialize (&led, XPAR_LEDS_4BIT_DEVICE_ID);

I want to know how to compile it (without EDK). Any suggestion? 

Bruno Monteiro 

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