[HELP]: Question about MPC8321E PCI configuration

wiseker wiseker at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 01:09:23 EST 2008

Hello, every one.

Now I want to port MPC8321E PCI support to linux2.4.20 from
linux2.6.20. I have read the patch
but some problems also occured.

When the linux kernel PCI subsystem initialize, it can probe 2 PCI devices.
Found 00:00 [1957/00a6] 000b20 00
Found 00:50 [14e4/b624] 000280 00

The first is the powerpc CPU (class PCI_CLASS_PROCESSOR_POWERPC,
mpc8321e), and the second is BCM56624 chip. (In my opinion, the first
one should be PCI_CLASS_BRIDGE_HOST, is this correct?)

When the kernel assign resources to each device, a problem occured,
PCI: Failed to allocate resource 2(0-7fffffff) for 00:00.0
PCI: Failed to allocate resource 4(0-ffffffff) for 00:00.0
code: pcibios_assign_resources->pci_assign_resource

and the code ignores the host bridge device:
		if (!class || class == PCI_CLASS_BRIDGE_HOST)

so it strength my idea that the device gives a wrong class (should be

Can you tell me why this happen? Should I do some extra configurations?

Any ideas or suggestions is welcome, thank you!!!


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