Xilininx GPIO

Peter Scott peter.scott at ericsson.com
Tue Oct 21 06:42:41 EST 2008

Hello there,

I am having difficulties with some xilinx gpios and the xilinx-2.6-xlnx
kernel. As far as I can tell the kernel is configured correctly for
I can see that the module_init function "xgpio_init" is called, and that
bus_add_driver and driver_add_groups returns without error. But I cannot
see that the probe function is called.  /proc/misc doesnt list a driver
for the gpios. I am not sure where to go next as there is no error

I have seen other peoples consoles stating that the gpio is mapped to xx
but this doesn't happen for me.

I am using the default bit file for the ml507 board, and have created
device files 
/dev/xgpio1 etc with major 10 and minor 185 

However if I try to open these devices the open fails. 

I would rally appreciate it if someone could give me some pointers as to
what to look for, or how a to go about debugging this.

Many thanks
Peter Scott
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