How can I make flash writeable?

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Dear "Duy-Ky Nguyen",

In message <BLU119-DAV13B797B2CC811E90F87406BB2D0 at phx.gbl> you wrote:
> I guess you want to have RW filesystem for your Linux target.
> If that's the case you need to have root filesystem as JFFS2.

This is not correct. You can use a read-only root file system combined
with additionala ,writable file systems.

> There's a document MPC8313E-RDB BSP User's Guide comes with the MPC8313E-RDB 
> package.
> It has all info for several filesystems like NFS (network), Ramdisk 
> (Read-Only), and JFFS2 (Read/Write)

That's incorrect, either. A ramdisk is usually writable (unless you
mount it read-only, which would be very unusuak).

See also

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