Loadable module crashes at kernel stack overflow or machine check

Ben Gardiner BenGardiner at nanometrics.ca
Sat Oct 18 00:12:07 EST 2008

Ganesh Kumar N M wrote:
> *Hi All,*
> ** 
> *    I'm working on MPC860 with Montavista linux 2.4.18*
> *We have a Linux kernel loadable module which on loading*
> *panicks after some random time say 8 hours, 4 hours or so*
> *the oops outputs say either machine check exception or *
> *kernel stack overflow (randomly both show up) a**re as below:* 
I don't know for sure what could be causing your problem. I can only 
suggest some patches that have helped us in the past.

I'm not familiar with Montavista's kernel versions; but I know our 
2.4.24 kernel did not have the 'separate I-TLB error and miss handling' 
patch ( 
http://ozlabs.org/pipermail/linuxppc-embedded/2005-January/016382.html ) 
which caused our applications to segfault for not apparent reason.

I also suggest applying the CPU15 fix ( 
) and enabling it temporarily to see if the problem could be the unlucky 
placement of a branch instruction at the end of a page; but evaluate the 
performance of your application carefully if you are considering running 
production code with the patch enabled as it introduces significant 


Ben Gardiner
Nanometrics Seismological Instruments
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