How can I make flash writeable?

Mark Bishop mark at
Fri Oct 17 05:45:26 EST 2008

I am using the MPC8313E-RDB and I am having some problems using the  
flash that comes on the board.  Let me preface this by saying that I  
haven't worked in the embedded linux arena in about 10 years so I am  
trying to catch up with all the new toys.

This board uses uBoot and it currently has 128M of DDR2, 8M flash and  
32M NAND Flash.  I have a few questions:

How can I tell which memory device it uses to boot out of?
How can I tell which devices are mapped to /proc/mtd devices?

I want to create a writeable flash partition, is there a FAQ out there  
I could look at.

All of this is after a few days of using Google to try and glean some  
data from the internet.  And the books don't get here from Amazon  
until Monday.

I would appreciate any help.  Even a RTFM - if you could point me to  
TFM, it would greatly help.

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