Linux driver for Xilinx ICAP

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Hi Ming,


I’m copying our local expert on this core to see his thoughts as I don’t actively use this core myself.






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Dear all,
Has someone manage to use the driver for the Xilinx xps_hwicap core to reconfigure bitstreams? I have enabled the driver in Linux configuration (version 2.6.24 from Xilinx tree). However I failed to use it to reconfigure bitstreams. The operations are listed as follows:
# cp partial.bit /dev/icap0
No error information is shown, however the partial bitstream is not successfully configured. I checked /proc/devices and the device "icap" has been successfully registered with the major of 259. But in /proc/interrupts, I didn't find any matching entry of the interrupt for icap core. I tried to reconfigure the PR module with JTAG, and my design works well. 
Any hints for this problem? Is the problem on the interrupt? Thanks so much if someone can help me. 


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