SA-RTLinux for ppc?

sumedh tirodkar sumedhtirodkar at
Mon Oct 6 23:52:01 EST 2008

Can you help me wid one more thing?
I m trying to find out what is the entry point for booting of
linux-powerpc..i.e. what is the file sequence that gets executed after
yaboot gives control to linux kernel?
there are no head.S nd setup.S files in arch/powerpc/boot/ directory...which
are present in arch/i386/boot


On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 11:11 AM, Nicholas Mc Guire <hofrat at> wrote:

> > I would definitely like to try out the early releases. how can u help me
> > with that?
> >
> We are cleaning it up a bit and packing it up as a fresh snapshot - the
> first snapshots can be found at:
> The patch in the patches directory is agaist from ELDK (not
> and was tested on 440EP/GR only.
> Dont expect this to be clean though ;)
> thx!
> hofrat
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