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Sun Oct 5 00:26:07 EST 2008

Dear "VenkataKrishna",

In message <20081004112414.525C8DDD0C at> you wrote:
>     The tooks arch/ppc/configs/TQM8260_defconfig files and change to

arch/ppc is dead and gone - it has been removed from recent  versions
of  the Linux kernel tree. The TQM8260 has never been actually ported
to (and never been supported in) the 2.6 Linux context.

> VTPLM8260_defconfig in that I changed CONFIG_TQMM8260=y to

I canot find any trace of a board named VTPLM8260 in the
Linux tree (nor in our linux-2.6-dex repo).

>    I got error shown below how I can solve this problem. But I used
> TQM8260_defconfig file that time working fine. 

Obviously you are working with your own, out-of-tree port of Linux.
And obviously your port is incomplete / buggy.

We don't know what you changed, or what your hardware looks like,  or
why you think that the (unsupported) TQM8260 board would be useful as
a reference.

There is little we can do based on such little information.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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