SA-RTLinux for ppc?

Nicholas Mc Guire hofrat at
Sat Oct 4 23:58:28 EST 2008

> actually i m tryin to find a linux like port for powerpc.
> lookin for a kernel which has very less functionalities.

Well then XM2 might be of interest for you - this is really very close to
what SaRTL was doing just based on the XtratuM hypervisor and thus
providing seperated address spaces for the real-time domains (that is they
run in user-mode) It boots stand-alone but can run Linux as a guest - the
development is still at an early stage though, if you are interested in
more details let me know - this is a bit off topic for here I guess. A
number of presentations on both XtratuM and XM2 are scheduled for the 10th
Real Time Linux Workshop in Mexico (Oct 29-Nov 1 2008) see:


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