FW: Error occured when appended FPGA image in the section of .init.text then bootup

Alan Nishioka alan at nishioka.com
Sat May 31 20:23:07 EST 2008

朱利达 wrote:
>     The request below give rise to the problem.
>     I have some boards equiped with MPC8247 and FPGA without storage
>     media which used as a PCI interface. So when the linux bootup
>     before initialize the PCI, the code of FPGA will download. I
>     append the FPGA code file in the Kernel section '.init.text'. when
>     linux bootup firstly it check the board type(different board type
>     would download different code), and download fpga code. More board
>     types lead to more FPGA code. I append them all in the section of
>     '.init.text'. when the total size of the code reach out 2M. The
>     error occured. I read the '__log_buf' the kernel access some bad
>     area. As the powerpce603 will map 16M address use two bat, how and
>     why the problem occured, and how to solved it .

Since the error occurs at 2M, I am going to guess it is similar to
problem I had. The default link/load address for booting is 0x200000.

Here is a link:

This fix is for the arch/ppc tree. I don't know if the arch/powerpc tree
works the same way.

In the future, you should say what kernel version you are using and what
the error was.

Alan Nishioka
alan at nishioka.com

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