Cross toolchain for ppc405 (virtex-4)

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Thu May 29 03:16:41 EST 2008

Hi Miroslaw,

I'm not sure on what version of gcc and glibc it's using, but I have been using ELDK 4.1 from There are newer versions.


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Hi All,

I am using for some time the crosstool tool-chain (crosstool-0.43) for the
ppc405 of my virtex-4.
It seems to be that the crosstool was not updated for awhile but the glibc
and gcc compiler has changed a bit meanwhile.

The latest working configuration to build the toolchain for ppc405 is
Does any body has tried to adapt the crosstools to use for example glibc 2.7

Another alternative would be to use another tool than crosstool. Could
somebody recommend something which can refer to newer version of gcc and
glibc .

Best Regards

Miroslaw Dach 

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