arch/powerpc, Xilinx, and mainline kernel support

Koss, Mike (Mission Systems) mike.koss at
Sat May 24 01:09:27 EST 2008

So yesterday, we got a chance to checkout Linus' main (2.26.26-rc3) and
it appears to not have all the necessary updates to build for the
Generic Xilinx Virtex either.

For now, I've decided to work from the Xilinx git-tree.

We also gave the EDK bsp->dts generator a spin, and I have a comment on
it: documentation. It would be nice to have some kind of simple README
that explains what it is and what it supports. The current README talks
about using the old python script. I fired up the bsp against my EDK 9.1
MPMC(2) based system and it bombed out when it reached the MPMC2
definition. So I dug through the tcl and found it that it was only
supporting the MPMC3.

I'm still working on my EDK 9.2 MPMC3 system, so I can't check to see if
that works or not, yet.

-- Mike

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> > Is there any reason why the mainline (and from what I could
see .4)
> > is missing the files to build for the Xilinx Virtex platform?
> >
> > Or in other words, I tried to build from for the Xilinx
> > under arch/powerpc (because arch/ppc actually crashes when once apps
> > to run) and it failed when trying to actually create the zImage. I
> > over to Xilinx's git server and noticed a bunch of missing entries
in the
> > boot/Makefile and source code to actually support the complete image
> > for a Xilinx Virtex PPC405.
> >
> > When is the Xilinx Virtex support going to be mainline official? I
need to
> > be able to grab a stable kernel and work from there rather than
using the
> > latest -rc that Xilinx is hosting on their git server.
> Working on it.  Biggest problem is getting the device drivers in 
> shape.  However, other than Ethernet support, current arch/powerpc 
> (head of Linus' tree, not 2.6.25) should work for building virtex 
> kernels.


What is your objection to using what is in the git tree, because it is
based on 24-rc8 and not 25, or something more fundamental?


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