Instruction OCM

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Actually there is no overlapping between IOCM and DDR. The IOCM region
addre4sses are:
And the DDR addresses are:
Furthermore, if such a conflict existed, the synthesizer would have
identified it.

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The traps are down there in low memory.  trap 700 is probably the one
that deals with MMU exceptions.  My guess is your OCM region is
overlapping with the DDR memory containing that code.


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> Dear all,
> I cannot run Linux when I have an instruction OCM in my design but,
without instruction OCM
> everything is fine. I tried to do some debugging. It seems that the
Linux memory management unit has
> a problem with that.  After entering the MMU initialization phase, it
suddenly jumps to address
> 0x00000700 it get stuck there. Is there anybody who have tried a
design with instruction OCM? Do I
> need to do special configuration for the Linux kernel?
> Regards,
> Mojtaba

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