Xilinx PowerPC

Yoshio Kashiwagi kashiwagi at co-nss.co.jp
Mon May 19 14:18:35 EST 2008


I posted this source code so that usage of SDMA could be shared.
Probably this code will be able to be used also by Virtex-5 FXT.
Since this source code is a reference level and start point as you
say, it is happy that it is maintainable with people of this ML.
I'll leave it in your hands about author.

Best Regards,
Yoshio Kashiwagi - Nissin Systems

> I am preparing my own version of Yoshio's driver. Since most of my
> changes are re-ordering, renaming, or other items of small 
> I will leave Yoshio as the author - unless he prefers otherwise.
> I hope to have it ready to submit as a patch in a few days.
> If Yoshio is unhappy with any of the changes I have made or chooses to
> submit his original code or some permutation I will withdrawl mine.
> While adding OF checksum offloading, ... would be nice,
> All I am looking to do is get something that can start its way into 
> kernel.
> This driver is working for me - with very light testing so far.
> If no one else is willing to Shepard something in, then I will try.
> Hints, clues, etc would be very much appreciated.
> I presume that if this driver is acceptable here, the next step would 
> forwarding it to linux-netdev ?
> Yoshio Kashiwagi wrote:
> > David-san,
> >
> > This driver must add some corrections, for example, Checksum-
> > is incomplete as you say it. As for me, it is very happy to obtain
> > your cooperation. Let me know if I can be of any work for it.
> >
> > Moreover, although I wrote the xps_ll_temac driver for u-boot of a 
> > simple single SDMA descriptor, I have not got used and put in the
> > contribution way.
> >
> > Best Regards,
> > Yoshio Kashiwagi - Nissin Systems
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