Xilinx PowerPC

Yoshio Kashiwagi kashiwagi at co-nss.co.jp
Sun May 18 12:13:10 EST 2008


This driver must add some corrections, for example, Checksum-offloading
is incomplete as you say it. As for me, it is very happy to obtain
your cooperation. Let me know if I can be of any work for it.

Moreover, although I wrote the xps_ll_temac driver for u-boot of a very 
simple single SDMA descriptor, I have not got used and put in the
contribution way.

Best Regards,
Yoshio Kashiwagi - Nissin Systems

>  I was able to incorporate Yoshio's driver and make use of it.
> It is a single file, fairly short, easy to understand, mostly conforming
> to linux kernel programming style. While it needs some work fo NAPI and
> OF, it is usable as it is.
> I would be happy to see it form the starting point for a distribution LL
> TEMAC driver.
> If Yoshio does not wish to put together a patch, for it I can, however,
> I have made some name changes and restructing to compare to my older PLB

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