linux 2.6 hangs at __delay function on Viretx 4 board

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Thu May 15 01:01:37 EST 2008

Hi Swamy,

I have seen this sometime before I think, but don't remember why.

I see that udelay depends on loops_per_jiffy, have you looked to see
what value it is? Maybe it's garbage and some large value?

Have you tried dumping the __log_buf to understand how far it got thru
booting the kernel before it got hung?

I assume you must be using xmd to load the image, you can also use it to
dump the buffer.

On another processor I have seen it get hung in the calibrate_delay call
from the kernel if the interrupts or timer aren't working, but haven't
ever seen that on the Powerpc.


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Subject: linux 2.6 hangs at __delay function on Viretx 4 board

I am trying to boot linux 2.6 on HITECH virtex 4(fx60) board. Linux
hangs at
address 0xc00045ec which is in the __udelay function. I am using EDK
and gcc version 4.0.2 for compiling the kernel. The following is the
message from the bootloader. 

loaded at:     00400000 0054E19C
board data at: 0054C120 0054C19C
relocated to:  00404064 004040E0
zimage at:     00404E55 0054B5B4
avail ram:     0054F000 02000000

Linux/PPC load: console=ttyS0,9600 console=tty0 root=/dev/sda2
Uncompressing Linux...done.
Now booting the kernel

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have run out of ideas to fix this.


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