mmap problem in device driver and application program.

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Wed May 14 03:51:31 EST 2008


	Dear Dave,
	> If you are using memory that is not under the kernel's memory management
	> you will need to use something other than remap_pfn_range.
	Happenly and unfortunately we are using the memory space out of the control from the kernel. We have 2GB memory on the board and only 64(or 32) MB is reserved for the kernel. The rest large space is for the data buffering or LUT use. In my question, the LUT memory is located in the rest part rather than the kernel memory area. 
	Any more suggestion on how to mmap this LUT area? Any idea will be valuable for a beginner like me. Thanks in advance. 

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I have a similar setup where the upper 64MB are reserved for hardware.  The mmap implementation in my device driver works just fine using io_remap_page_range().
Marc Howard
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