Running a section of code from internal memory

Sanal Kumar V K sanalvk at
Thu May 8 21:36:46 EST 2008

Hi All,

I am porting a GW/router application to embedded Linux for a product
based on SoC; following is the version information:

kernel: 2.6.10
uClibc: 0.9.27
gcc: 3.4.3

A small part of the code needs to run from the on-chip "L2 scratch" for
getting optimum performance. I would really appreciate if some could
give me some pointers regarding the following questions:

1. Is #pragma section supported by gcc.
The compiler prints this warning "ignoring #pragma section" and the
pragma is ignored indicating that it is not supported. Is there any way
I can get the pragma working for gcc or any alternative?

2. Is there any patch available to modify the kernel thread creation so
as to place the stack and tcb in the user configured addresses for
kernel threads (similar to taskInit() in VxWorks)?

Thanks in advance,

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