SKB corruption on heavy traffic

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We have experience a very similar problem using a 2.4.18 kernel on an 8260 ppc processor.
We have a telecomunication product that for some time only used the fec for TCP/IP ethernet 
traffic only and worked just fine.

After we upgraded our product to implement TDM data over IP we started to notice an occasional
kernel oops.  We began to evaluate all of our products and determined that only some of the units
exhibted this behaviour at various rates of occurrence.  Further evaluation revealed that the pointers
located in dpram pointing to the fec's buffer descriptors were some how getting corrupted.
Note that the 8260 has 4 internal scc/fccs and we use all four for various aspects of our application
and each shares dpram for pointers to buffer descriptors that reside in sdram.  However, only the
fec that is used for IP experiences this buffer descriptor corruption and, then, apparently, only under 
heavy traffic load.  We spent about six months evaluating this problem including contacting freescale, 
but never found a solution.  We finally, decided to use an external ethernet chip on a daughter card 
for our IP channel.

It is, however, our belief that our problem relates to a possible bug in the 8260 CPM, but have yet to
absolutely prove this.

If we are experiencing the same problem (and potentially others) and there is a solution we would be
very interested, as, we are not happy about the daughter card solution.  

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