mpc8379e rdb nand flash support

Scott Wood scottwood at
Thu May 1 04:28:15 EST 2008

On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 09:52:25AM +0800, ??? wrote:
>    Since our projects need more capability to store filesystems,I changed nand flash to 1G byte.
>     I think it is the same to operate nand flash both in u-boot and linux kernel ,because the code about FCM nand flash control is almost the same.So I just test it in u-boot.
>     From the mpc8379e reference manual page 484 :
>      21        PGS NAND Flash E2PROM page size, buffer size, and block size.
>           0   Page size of 512 main area bytes plus 16 spare area bytes (small page devices);
>               FCM RAM buffers are 1 Kbyte each; Flash block size of 16 Kbytes.
>           1   Page size of 2048 main area bytes plus 64 spare area bytes (large page devices);
>               FCM RAM buffers are 4 Kbytes each; Flash block size of 128 Kbytes.
>     Because the 32M nand flash block size is just the 16Kbytes,and it
> works well.But the block size of the 1G bytes nand flash is
> 256Kbytes,when every time I tried to write to it ,It just can be writed
> the first 128kbytes of every 256kbytes.As I wrote in last email.
>     Below is the linux kernel information when I operate nand flash.

Try changing set_addr() to hardcode the shift applied before writing to
FBAR to the width of FPAR[PI], rather than basing it on the actual erase
block size.


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