U-boot + Linux 2.6 + Avnet FX12 MM (based on ML403 config)

Mirek23 miroslaw.dach at psi.ch
Mon Mar 31 04:21:14 EST 2008

Hi Guillaume,

I was facing the same problem with my Avent (virtex 4 FX12) evaluation
board. Originally I have built successfully u-boot 1.2.0  and linux 2.6.21
but I was not able to boot kernel 2.6.21 from u-boot 1.2.0. Kernel 2.6.22
(uImage) onwards can be booted with u-boot 1.2 and higher. Currently I use
u-boot 1.2.0 and kernel 2.6.23 without any problems. My recommendation is to
use at least the kernel version 2.6.22 otherwise you will have kernel panic

Best Regards


Guillaume Berthelom wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to port Linux 2.6 on Avnet FX12 MM board with U-Boot and the
> help of xilinx ML403 config.
> I have generate my costum xparameters.h file with EDK 8.2i.
> I use ELDK 4.1 and Linux 2.6.20.x.
> I have modified ml403.h u-boot's config file to adapt it for my board and
> I have no problem to boot u-boot.
> I use the right board_info structure from <asm/ppcboot.h> and not the one
> in xilinx_ml403.h.
> When I load the zImage directly with xilinx xmd debugger, the kernel start
> without problem (if I don't have KGDB or SERIAL_TEXT_DEBUG option in my
> kernel config). But when I try to load the uImage with u-boot, the kernel
> start but crach befor I can see something on output.
> The kernel start because I debug it and the platform_init is ok,
> setup_arch too and it crach after ppc4xx_setup_arch at  printk(KERN_INFO
> "Xilinx ML403 Reference System (Virtex-4 FX)\n") line  when the kernel
> access in printk.c.
> I suppose the serial init have problem but I have no idea what is the
> cause of the problem. I use the opb_uart16550 IP in my Xilinx design and
> the associat drivers in u-boot and linux.
> Thanks,
> Guillaume Berthelom

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