MPC8641D PCI-Express problem

marco.stornelli at marco.stornelli at
Sat Mar 29 02:15:46 EST 2008

> On Mar 25, 2008, at 8:03 AM, Marco Stornelli wrote:
>> Kumar Gala ha scritto:
>>> On Mar 25, 2008, at 3:02 AM, Marco Stornelli wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> do you remember my problem with the pci-express? I have an
>>>> mpc8641d_hpcn (rev. 2.0) board connected via pci-express with the
>>>> Xilinx ML555 evaluation board. I'm using the 2.6.24 kernel. I'm
>>>> observing this strange behavior:
>>>> 1) I turn on the board and I stop the U-boot
>>>> 2) I load the FPGA microcode
>>>> 3) I start the system
>>>> 4) I load the driver module and I read a version register in the
>>>> FPGA
>>>> 5) The system crashes with a "machine check exception: transfer
>>>> error ack signal"
>>>> 6) reboot
>>>> 7) same procedure (without load the FPGA again)
>>>> 8) now I can read the registers!
>>>> If I repeat the procedure again it doesn't work anymore. I think
>>>> it's a problem with pci-express controller. Have you got any
>>>> suggestions?
>>>> Thanks.
>>> Where are you loading the FPGA microcode (linux, u-boot)?  Also, is
>>> the FPGA the only device connected over PCIe?
>>> - k
>> I load the FPGA with JTAG and with a Xilinx program without a
>> specific linux driver or u-boot. Yes, it is the only device
>> connected over PCIe.
> The issue may be related to the PCIe link training.  Are you able to
> access the FPGA in u-boot?  Can you try reseting the PCIe controller
> after you've loaded up the FPGA (see u-boot code in drivers/pci/
> fsl_pci_init.c and look for CONFIG_FSL_PCIE_RESET)
> - k

Ok I can try but I'm using the U-Boot 1.3.0 provided by Freescale with the
board, so I have to change the firmware, updating the U-Boot to the
version 1.3.2 to use CONFIG_FSL_PCIE_RESET. However, I've had the same
idea, but I check (with a warning) this case in the kernel function
fsl_check_pcie_link() (where the kernel check the value of LTSSM) but I've
never seen the warning during the start-up.

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