Uart(lite)/ELDK 4.1 section mismatch -> ML403

Phil Hochstetler Phil.Hochstetler at
Thu Mar 20 04:27:02 EST 2008

I just booted the "" source code to a login
prompt last week.  I'm using Xilinx EDK 9.2 and ELDK 4.1 crosstools
(uclib version) and Ubuntu 7.10 workstation as my host OS (under
VMware).  The easiest path is to use the Uartlite driver (and disable
the 82550 stuff because the stand directory will not compile currently,
there is a patch somewhere on the last from last Jan about what defines
are missing but you can just use uartlite instead).  Be sure to use the
correct reference design (I started with the
in EDK/EDKexamples directory).   Add the sysace driver into the design
and (w/ interrupts on) and make sure you have uartlite selected (with
interrupts on).  Build the design and use the xparameters_403.h file to
build your kernel.  In this case, be sure to turn on uartlite console
support and turn off 82550 console support or your kernel will not work.
Also be sure to add Ext3 filesystem to your kernel config.  Once you add
the sysace driver support, you can then create a ace file and replace
their kernel on the compact flash and boot it to their root filesystem
(works, I just did it).  This gets you a full booted kernel on a working
root filesystem with min work.


For references see:




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