Compile time error, compiling Xilinx Linux 2.6 for XPS LLTEMAC

Mohammad Sadegh Sadri mamsadegh at
Sat Mar 15 19:30:31 EST 2008


that should be a small problem, and i think that its solution should be simple,

I generate a base system using EDK 9.2.02 , the base system contains XPS_LL_TEMAC , MPMC and other components,
I generate the software libraries and copy xparameters file into proper kernel folder. I configure that kernel and add kernel support for XPS_LL_TEMAC.

while doing make I encounter this error:

arch/ppc/syslib/virtex_devices.c:455: error: 'XPAR_LLTEMAC_0_LLINK_CONNECTED_FIFO_INTR' undeclared here (not in a function)

I think that this definition should be available in xparameters_ml403.h file but i see that there is no such definition. 
I added a dummy definition for myself there to complete kernel compilation, don't know the correct value for it of course.


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