The question about the QUICC ENGINE microcode for freescale

郭劲 guojin02 at
Thu Mar 13 13:05:19 EST 2008

My MPC8360 is 533/266/400MHZ(core/ddr/QE), I have 2Gbytes DDR-1 memory, not
DDR-II. I found that the DDR affected the speed if some ddr is not good. I used
the linux-2.6.22 with enable the NAPI driver. I will update my cpu to

I written the email to the support.asis at, I do not know who will
response this email. Nobody in freescale teach me how to deal with this problem. 

I do not know whether or not each QUICC ENGINE in charge of each GETH? How to
config to make each QE in charge of each GETH?

Thank you very much.

>From: "Russell McGuire" <rmcguire at>
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>To: <guojin02 at>
>Subject: The question about the QUICC ENGINE microcode for freescale
>Date:Tue, 11 Mar 2008 17:20:25 -0700
>Couple of thoughts, is that according to Freescale specs, the QE can only
>support TWO 1000Mbit end points. And that is assuming RAW traffic, not
>protocol layer processing. Since the 8360E has two QUICC Engines, that is
>only 1000Mbits data per Engine. Are you intending to get 1000Mbits TX and RX
>on each engine? I think in reality you will be capped at 1000Mbit aggregate
>in the RX and TX. I could be wrong, but you might want to run that past a
>Freescale FAE, do you have the name of your contact for your area?
>This is assuming that you are running at the full speed of the MPC8360E, i.e
>both QUICC engines probably pushing 500Mhz. You'll also need to probably be
>running DDR2 RAM at MAX speed to achieve these rates, as each skbuf will
>have to be dma'd out to external memory. All the early dev boards by
>Freescale only used DDR1. As well you'll want to be sure your Coherent
>System Bus <CSB> speed is as near max, i.e. 300-333Mhz.
>What clock speeds / Frequency of chip are you using to test this?  As well
>which driver are you using with this test?
>As a HW designer for these boards and driver programmer I am just curious
>what your HW is looking / configured like?
>I want to realize the high speed TCP package on GETH of MPC8360E,I would
>like the speed on both UCC1 and UCC2 for both send and receive TCP
>package(big package) up to 1000M bits/sec, so the total internet speed is
>4000M bits/sec for MPC8360E.
>I tested the internet performance by IPERF test software with the condition
>that the core cpu deal with the TCP package,without microcode. I config the
>UCC2 down, config UCC1 to send package out to an server PC,no receive,the
>speed for UCC1 just only sending package is about 300M bits/sec, and CPU is
>100% used. This speed is so slow, is too slow. If I send and recieve at the
>same time, the speed is much slower, if I make the UCC2 up, the speed is
>much slower and slower.
>I do not know how to incrase the internet speed for MPC8360E, somebody told
>me, we must use the microcode for QUICC ENGINE.  
>My question is that where can I download the microcode for QUICC ENGINE and
>how to use it?  Whether or not this microcode can help me to realize the
>4000M bits/sec for TCP package?

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